Early detection of troubles



Monitoring mastitis and udder health management


It offers a rapid on-farm determination of somatic cell count. It allows you to detect mastitis at an early stage resulting in a cost effective control of mastitis and easier flock management.

How to implement:

The DCC is a portable instrument that gives results in just 45 seconds with simple to use disposable cassettes. Take a sample; Insert the cassette; Read the result (no. cells/μL of milk)

Expected benefits:

  • Treatment of mastitis at an earlier stage
  • Quicker recovery and less production loss
  • More efficient control of the spread of mastitis
  • Less risk of penalties or loss of bonus payment

Prerequisites and/or limits:


DNA – specific fluorescent reagent

Cost / Benefit Analysis


Welfare assessment

Dairy Goats Dairy Sheep Meat Sheep
Portable NIRS
Environmental station – Fan cooler
Milk flow meter
Ineoch - Sm@RT Platform - lleyn-ewe-and-lamb-cropped
UK Innovative Farm: Incheoch Farm
Fearn Farm Sm@RT Platform - Sheep Image 2
UK Innovative Farm: Fearn Farm
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