Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies Platform

Research programme to share knowledge and improve uptake of new digital technologies in sheep and goat farming

The EU-funded Sm@RT (Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies) project brings together a network of researchers, farmers & advisors from across Europe who will improve awareness amongst those working in the farming industry of newly available PLF tools, demonstrating their potential and possible return of investment.

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Sm@RT Solutions:

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Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies – Policy Brief – Adoption & Uptake of Technologies

Download the Sm@RT Policy Brief on Adoption & Uptake of Technologies
Cost / Benefit Analysis

Cost / Benefit Analysis: Water Meter

Cost / Benefit Analysis: Water Meter

GPS collar / E-bell

A weigh crate that can read the electronic identification (EID) ear tag/bolus of an animal can help and/or improve flock management, during a number of different tasks throughout the sheep production year,