Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies Platform

Research programme to share knowledge and improve uptake of new digital technologies in sheep and goat farming

The EU-funded Sm@RT (Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies) project brings together a network of researchers, farmers & advisors from across Europe who will improve awareness amongst those working in the farming industry of newly available PLF tools, demonstrating their potential and possible return of investment.

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Dairy Sheep

Sm@RT Solutions:

Dairy Goats

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Dairy Goats

Dynamic tank weighing

The dynamic tank weighing device automatically measure and record the weight of the milk tank using weight sensors and a recording and transmission box. A display box also allows to read the weight of the tank in live. The data is accessible using dedicated software which allows time-stamped weight data…
Dairy Goats

Connected water meter

A connected water meter makes possible to measure the volume of water consumed on all part of a barn (e.g drinking trough) thanks to a pulse transmitter positioned on the meter. The pulses emitted are proportional to the flow of water passing through this meter. The pulses can be recorded…

Cluster meeting for livestock related H2020 projects – Sept 2021

Cluster meeting for livestock related H2020 projects - Sept 2021 presentation