Time saving for fence monitoring


Simplify the organization of work and improve safety with real-time diagnosis of the status of the installation of electric fences


In case of malfunction (power failure of the electrical substation, interruption of the fence, drop in voltage, weak substation battery, earth fault, etc.) and therefore of the risk of the animals escaping, the breeder receives an alert on his mobile phone via SMS and on his email.


The device communicates via the Sigfox Internet of Things network to the Vigifence servers. The use of Sigfox technology is justified by its very good coverage of the territory with more than 94% efficiency.


When a power failure is detected, the battery is low or the device itself is broken, the service automatically sends a sms alert on the breeder’s phone. The user receives a proof of life every day to assure him of the proper functioning of the device.

How to implement:

Step 1 : Registration of the device box on the website

Step 2 : the user inserts the battery and connects the wires to the fence and to the ground, as for a tester

Data transmission via Sigfox is then effective. In case of malfunction of the fence, alert sms will be sent.

Expected benefits:

Real-time monitoring of the operating status of electric fences.

Prerequisites and/or limits:

To equip an area, the user buys the box for €207,50 excl VAT and chooses his alert service package depending on his use, 6 month (€35 excl VAT) or 12 months (€50 excl. VAT). There is also an all-inclusive pack, including a 2-year packages (€290 excl VAT).

Although the tool is efficient for incident detection, it lacks a GPS system that would allow the malfunction point to be located remotely.

Cost / Benefit Analysis



Production system (Dairy or/and meat sheep/goat):


Category of Animal (ewe, goat, replacement, lamb, kid):


Source of information:

Dairy Goats Dairy Sheep Meat Sheep
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