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Ultra High Frequency RFID ear tag

The UHF RFID identification tag linked with a suitable antenna allows multiple and simultaneous readings of animals, at distances of several meters, unlike official tags (at low frequency). This device makes possible to read the identification numbers on lots of moving animals and adapts to individual proximity reading for the…
Laurence Depuille
October 25, 2023
Dairy SheepEweFlock/Herd ManagementGrazing/FeedingHealthIrelandLambMeat SheepReproductionSm@RT Solutions: Meat Sheep

Pregnancy Scanning Ewes

Pregnancy scanning allows ewes to be scanned to diagnose pregnancy and expected litter size. This facilitates nutrition planning pre-lambing. Expected lambing date can also be predicted. A trained operator uses an ultrasound scanner and specially designed crate to quickly identify pregnancy and/or expected litter size. Ewes are marked to record…
Brid Mcclearn
September 7, 2023
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NIBIO Tjøtta – Digifarm Norway
UNISS, Universty of Sassari Department of Agriculture
Le CHIIRPO - Sm@RT Platform
CIIRPO Le Mourier – Digifarm France
Norway Innovative Farm: Elgvasslien, Folldal
Norway Innovative Farm: Oppisto Mjøen, Oppdal
Norway Innovative Farm: Kvalsjord Gård, Oppdal
Norway Innovative farm: Usti Gard, Oppdal
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