Knowledge on function (power) of electric fence


Quick and reliable info on function (power) of electric fence


A DRONE with camera can be manoeuvred to check a light blinking indicator on electric fence far distances away to confirm that electricity is there or not.

How to implement:

By a drone. Learn how to manoeuvre a drone to fly to position of interest.

Expected benefits:

Saves time of monitoring fence. Ensures function of electric fence at all times. Saves time in general.

Prerequisites and/or limits:

  • Drone access
  • Drone handling competence
  • Weather conditions

Cost to implementation:

+/- 2 000 EURO

SmaRT Platform - Drone with Camera Featured


Production system (Dairy or/and meat sheep/goat):

Sheep and goat

Category of Animal (ewe, goat, replacement, lamb, kid):


Source of information:

Personal communication with farmer

Dairy Goats Dairy Sheep Meat Sheep
UNISS, Universty of Sassari Department of Agriculture
Le CHIIRPO - Sm@RT Platform
CIIRPO Le Mourier – Digifarm France
Tjøtta research farm – Digifarm Norway
Ineoch - Sm@RT Platform - lleyn-ewe-and-lamb-cropped
UK Innovative Farm: Incheoch Farm
Fearn Farm Sm@RT Platform - Sheep Image 2
UK Innovative Farm: Fearn Farm
IMG_5656 - - Estonia - Sm@RT Platform.
Andri Peedo dairy goat farm – Estonia
DE Kismacsi Állattenyésztési Kísérleti Telep Front - Hungary - Sm@RT Platform
DE AKIT DTTI Kismacsi Állattenyésztési Kísérleti Telep
Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies – Report on the 1st National Workshops
Meat sheep farm Eivind S. Mjøen, Oppdal
Sheep farm visit Oppdal with Agritech Cluster 23.March, 2023
Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies – Report on the 2nd Transnational Workshop
Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies – Report on the 1st Transnational Workshop
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