• Health/welfare/reproduction
  • Finishing/fattening


  • Detection common parasites/manage external parasites/and treatment
  • Parasitism detection/Faecal egg sampling/when to treat


Undertake faecal egg counts using an internet connected, image based diagnostic platform which can be done without a laboratory


FECPAK G2 kit is a diagnostic platform which allows one to undertake faecal egg counts without the requirement for a laboratory or the need to send faecal samples to a laboratory. It is image based which allows sampling to be undertaken at any time and uploaded through the computer software. Results are returned to the person who uploads the sample images within 24 hours

How to implement:

Follow the instructions in Figure 1 for preparing faecal samples. The device requires internet connection to upload the image to the FECPAK software ( Results are returned to the person who uploads the sample images within 24 hours

Expected benefits:

  • Can be undertaken by anyone without laboratory facilities
  • Fast results

Prerequisites and/or limits:

  • Requires internet access
  • Does not diagnose liver fluke

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Social, environmental and welfare assessments: –



Production system (Dairy or/and meat sheep/goat):

Dairy and meat sheep

Category of Animal (ewe, goat, replacement, lamb, kid):


Source of information:
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