Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies Platform

Research programme to share knowledge and improve uptake of new digital technologies in sheep and goat farming

The EU-funded Sm@RT (Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies) project brings together a network of researchers, farmers & advisors from across Europe who will improve awareness amongst those working in the farming industry of newly available PLF tools, demonstrating their potential and possible return of investment.




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Estonian Events

Sm@ll Ruminant Technologies – Report on the 1st National Workshops

In each partner country of the project, the first national workshops (NWS 1) have been organised. These workshops aimed to collect the needs of farmers and small ruminant sectors around digital technologies. The document below is the report of all these workshops.Sm@RT 1st National Workshops Report
Meat sheep farm Eivind S. Mjøen, Oppdal
Norwegian Events

Sheep farm visit Oppdal with Agritech Cluster 23.March, 2023

Sheep farmer and farm manager Eivind S. Mjøen welcomes the Agritech Cluster group to his farm Together with researcher Lise Grøva, NIBIO, in the Sm@RT project we discuss technical solutions, needs, potential and gaps. Focusing on GPS tracking, drone and camerasolutions.  Link to event: Meat sheep farm Eivind S. Mjøen,…
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جهاز تغذية الحليب الأوتوماتيكي لأطفال الماعز

يمكن استخدام قارئ / عصا EID المحمولة لمسح أي حيوان يحمل علامة EID. بمجرد تحديده ، يمكن استخدام الجهاز لإدخال البيانات مثل الوزن ودرجة حالة الجسم. يمكن للقراء الاتصال لاسلكيًا بمؤشر مقياس الوزن باستخدام تقنية Bluetooth. اعتمادًا على العصا / القارئ ، يمكن إدخال المزيد من المعلومات مثل العلاج الطبي…