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Connected water meter

A connected water meter makes possible to measure the volume of water consumed on all part of a barn (e.g drinking trough) thanks to a pulse transmitter positioned on the meter. The pulses emitted are proportional to the flow of water passing through this meter. The pulses can be recorded…
Laurence Depuille
January 30, 2024
Dairy Goats Dairy Sheep Meat Sheep
NIBIO Tjøtta – Digifarm Norway
UNISS, Universty of Sassari Department of Agriculture
Le CHIIRPO - Sm@RT Platform
CIIRPO Le Mourier – Digifarm France
Norway Innovative Farm: Elgvasslien, Folldal
Norway Innovative Farm: Oppisto Mjøen, Oppdal
Norway Innovative Farm: Kvalsjord Gård, Oppdal
Norway Innovative farm: Usti Gard, Oppdal
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