• Health/welfare/reproduction
  • Finishing/fattening


  • Recording/collecting/analysing health data is time-consuming/recording tags health issues, including withdrawal period
  • Combining of individual health data and all other data
  • Lambing records/ewe performance
  • Performance recording (growth rates, slaughter data etc.)
  • Added value of digital technologies (cost, use of technologies at some periods)


Recording individual animal production/performance


Flock recording apps (e.g. Sheep Ireland) can be used to performance record individual animals in a flock. Depending on the app, data recorded such as weights, mating information, litter size, parentage, medicine use etc. This facilitates the comparison of animal performance within and between flocks. Data can be input manually or the app can be linked to an EID reader through Bluetooth and record animal EID/tag number automatically. The app will store this information and reports can be generated depending on data recorded e.g. growth rates.

How to implement:

All animals need to be individually identified i.e. tagged. Open the app on your smartphone, input the animal ID or scan their tag with an EID reader and record data as required. The data is then uploaded and saved online when the phone is connected to the internet.

Expected benefits:

  • Saves time
  • Helps selecting replacements/culls
  • Collates flock data
  • Provides ancestral information to facilitate mating groups

Prerequisites and/or limits:

  • Need to have smartphone that can download the app
  • Internet connection needed to upload information

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Social, environmental and welfare assessments: –

SmaRT Platform - Flock Recording app 1


Production system (Dairy or/and meat sheep/goat):

Dairy and meat sheep

Category of Animal (ewe, goat, replacement, lamb, kid):


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